In this paper, a bi-evaporator compression/ejection refrigeration is experimental investigated to recycle the throttling loss in traditional vapor compression refrigeration cycle by using an ejector. The effects of working parameters on the system performance are mainly analyzed. The results are as follows: the ejector entrainment ratio decreases as the condenser and the high-temperature inlet water temperature increases, but rises with the increasing of low-temperature evaporator inlet water temperature; the system COP rises with the decreasing of inlet water temperature of condenser, and increases with the rise of inlet water temperature of high-temperature evaporator; the inlet water temperature of the condenser and the high-temperature has greater influences on the performance of BCERC system. The system COP increases about 0.25 when the condenser inlet water temperature decreases per 5°C; while the system COP rise about 0.114 as the high-temperature evaporator inlet water temperature increases per 5°C. The low-temperature evaporator inlet water temperature has little effects on the performance of the BCERC system. The results can be references for the design and operation of the BCERC system.

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