The PRIMIX helical static mixer has been investigated using numerical simulations. The flow is in the laminar regime (Re = 1 to 1000). The simulations concentrate on the pressure drop and on the use of particle tracking for mixing studies. For the pressure drop, experimental validation is provided. It is found that the pressure drop can be simulated with high accuracy for Re < 350. For higher Re-values no grid independent solution could be obtained and the experimental results no longer agree with those of the simulations. The simulated pressure drop results scaled to the empty pipe pressure drop, can be well summarized as K = 4.99 + Re/31.4. Using Particle Tracking it has been possible to reproduce literature data. However, it has been shown that the obtained results are rather sensitive to the choice of the time step. This limits the direct use of particle tracking techniques for studying the mixing of static mixers in the laminar regime.

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