Nuclear pressure vessel steels are subjected to irradiation embrittlement which is monitored using Charpy tests. Reference index temperatures, such as the temperature for which the mean Charpy rupture energy is equal to 56 J (T56J), are used as embrittlement indicators. The safety integrity evaluation is performed assuming that the shift of RTNDT due to irradiation is equal to the shift of T56J. In this work a material model integrating a description of viscoplasticity, ductile damage and brittle fracture is used to simulate both the Charpy test and the fracture toughness test (CT geometry). The model is adjusted on an unirradiated material. It is then applied to irradiated materials assuming that irradiation affects hardening. It is shown that irradiation probably also affects brittle failure. The shift of RTNDT and the predicted shift of T100MPam are then compared for a given level of irradiation.

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