The present paper deals with the numerical simulation of a coupled non linear fluid-structure problem by explicit coupling between a finite element structure code and a finite volume fluid code. This numerical study is carried out in order to develop robust and general coupling with FE and CFD commercial code for industrial applications. A geometrically simple non linear coupled problem is presented in order to validate the numerical approach. The structure non linear problem is solved with a finite element technique, using a iterative implicit algorithm for time integration. The fluid problem is solved using standard numerical techniques (finite volume approach, implicit splitting operator scheme). The whole coupled problem is solved with a commercial CFD code: a dedicated FE structure code is developed in the CFD code together with coupling (in time, in space) procedures. The proposed method is validated in the case of a incompressible inviscid fluid, for which the coupled problem is solved with an analytical solution. The present study gives a reference test case for a full scale fluid-structure model. Industrial applications can now be considered by coupling commercial FE and FV codes with general coupling code.

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