With increasing global urbanization and industrialization, many more pipelines for gas, potable water, sewer, oil, and power cables have been installed underground, underwater, in buildings and in factories. Maintenance of such pipelines is crucial. However, it is often difficult and has become a growing problem these days. The PALTEM-HL (Trade mark and stands for Pipeline Automatic Lining SysTEM, Hose Lining Method), a pipeline relining system, was developed as an effective and inexpensive solution for this problem. In this project, we try to develop a new resins and the adhesives system to replace the raw materials used in the PALTEM-HL system. Anionic harder combined two different types of epoxy resins were investigated in this study. After curing, the mechanical properties and glass transition temperature of the mixture were examined and the optimum sample preparation prescription was also found. FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) were employed to monitor the curing process of the mixtures. The mechanical properties of the mixture were also measured by Instron and micro Vickers.

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