Laser peening technology has matured into a fully qualified production process that is now in routine and reliable use for a broad range of metal alloys. Deep compressive stress developed in metal surfaces extends the fatigue life and stress corrosion cracking life of components, and will enable designers to consider higher stress levels in certain life limited designs. This technology has been applied to critical stress areas of military aircraft engine fan blades and to over 12,000 wide cord fan blades and blade hubs for operation in high performance commercial jet engines. A broad range of materials are in production or development, including but not limited to Ti 6/4 (alpha and beta and BSTOA), 300M and 9310 steels, A1 7050, and A1 2023. Enhancement to the life of components with complex geometries and welds has been demonstrated. The processing capability is being extended with the introduction of a transportable laser peening system including a moveable beam that can go out in the field to treat large pressure vessel systems allowing applications not previously possible.

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