Supercritical fluid is the fluid in the state where the limit (critical point) of temperature pressure that a liquid and gas coexist was exceeded. This is a fluid to which it has a big kinetic energy similar to the gas molecule, and the high molecular density that equals a liquid has it. In fact, supercritical fluid has dissolution power like a liquid, and has diffusivity like a gas. Therefore, supercritical fluid has a possibility of becoming the ideal solvent. The experiment purpose is a resolution of the organism by the supercritical reaction. We designed the supercritical reaction container with which both of the fluid, water and carbon dioxide, can correspond. Supercritical demanded the severe resisting pressure, heatproof, and resistance to corrosion with the container. A supercritical temperature of water is 374.1°C, and supercritical pressure is 22.06 MPa. IT was designed in consideration of the safety rate to resist the temperature of 500°C and the pressure of 50MPa. We designed the container of the batch type with comparatively easy structure, and made of the stainless steel and the amount of the contents is 375ml. Next, the condition of the heating furnace is described. Power consumption is 1500W, and the maximum temperature is 600°C. Supercritical state is controlled at the temperature. Heating it raises the pressure in the container and it reaches a supercritical temperature and supercritical pressure. Finally in the experiment, it was confirmed to endure even 25MPa.

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