Underwater shockwave is easily generated by means of explosion of explosive and by means of high voltage electric discharges in water. It has characteristics of high pressure, very short duration of action, and permeation [1]. Therefore, underwater shockwave can destroy only materials inside without destroying their outside. We tried using application of underwater shockwave to some foods as food processing device. At this experiment, foods were applied underwater shockwave by using detonating fuse and electric detonator in water tank. Foods sample was apples, Japanese radishes, and burdocks. In the result, foods were made soft. From result of apples, we easily got juice by squeezing by woman’s power without grating up apples. And there was difference of content of polyphenols in juice between application underwater shockwave to apples and non-application. Extraction of Japanese radish was improved. From these experimental results, we suggest necessity spec of shockwave processing vessel for food processing.

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