We tried hot explosive compaction to make bulk materials of hard-to-consolidate powders using cylindrical configuration. By heating above 1000°C, it is possible to give the ability of plastic deformation for hard ceramic powders and also possible to enhance the surface melting to bond each particle. Using the cylindrical configuration, hot explosive compaction experiment was carried out for consolidation of TiB2 powders at elevated temperature. A central hole and a melting spot at the end of the tube were observed for a sample recovered. High compaction density and high hardness (above 3000 VHN highest) were measured for the samples recovered. The central hole and the melting spot are considered to be generated by the formation of mach stem at the center and the high-velocity collision towards the end plug. Numerical simulation was carried out using AUTODYN-2D code and compared with the experimental results for the TiB2 compacts.

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