Hydrogenation reactor vessel as a key heat exchanging element equipment endures both high pressure and high temperature. Its nozzle welding areas have complicated stress states with both high stress level and high stress grads (as well as high strain grads). Defects and cracks are frequently found just on the welds or at heat-influence area by ultrasonic non-destructive inspection for this kind of in-service heat exchanger. To acquire the accurate stress states of nozzle welding area are fundamental necessary step on safety assessment and residual life predication for the components as well as the heat exchanger. A three dimensional finite element analysis model is performed using the on-site parameters measured directly from the in-service equipment. The temperatures and stress distribution at the nozzle welding areas of hydrogenation reactor vessel are obtained. By applying the CVDA-84 standard codes to the area which contains initial defects, critical crack size can be calculated and the safety assessment can be performance.

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