Flange rotation with internal pressure affects the sealing performance of pipe flange connections more with increasing the pipe nominal diameter. Therefore, it is hard to estimate the sealing performance of pipe flange connections with larger nominal diameter by using the test results of the sealing performance for pipe flange connections with small nominal diameter. In this study, the 20" diameter pipe flange connection was experimentally used as a large nominal diameter pipe flange connection and analyzed the stress in the connection. In the experiments, the sealing performance of the pipe flange connection was evaluated by measuring the amount of gas leakage at 50 °C and 100 °C under internal pressure. Non-asbestos graphite gaskets were used in the experiments. The bolts and nuts were tightened according to the Japanese method (HPIS Z103 TR). The gasket contact stress distributions of larger nominal diameter pipe flange connection were calculated by FEM under elevated temperature conditions as well as internal pressure application. The estimated results were compared with the experimental results. The results were also compared with the small nominal diameter test result and discussed.

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