The small punch (SP) creep test was carried out at the temperatures of 823∼923 K by using a further miniaturized specimen, namely, TEM disk-type specimen (φ 3.0×t0.25 mm). The tests were applied to the fine grain heat affected zone (FGHAZ), tempered HAZ (THAZ) and base metal (BM), respectively, which were removed from the joint of the reduced activation ferritic steel welded by an electron beam welding, in order to investigate the creep properties of such local regimes. The results obtained from the SP creep test were correlated with those of uniaxial creep tests using the base metal (BM) and welded joint (WJ). Experimental results revealed that there were no large differences between the SP creep rupture strengths of the FGHAZ and THAZ and that of the BM at the relatively high load levels. This result was in good agreement with the fact that the uniaxial creep strength of the WJ was almost coincident with that of the BM at the relatively high stress levels. In addition, the ratio of load (P) to stress (σ), which gave same rupture time, was calculated by using the creep rupture data of the BMs. As a result, the ratio was determined to be 0.43, resulting in the following equation; P = 0.43 σ.

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