In this paper a new signal processing method of Hilbert-Huang transform is applied to analyze AE lead-breaking signals and loaded concrete AE signals. Empirical model of decomposition (EMD) and cubic interpolation were used in AE signals analysis which was based on the local characteristic time scale. After the decomposition inherent model function (IMF) can effectively preserve non-linear and non-stationary features of signals during the processing. Meanwhile, noises of signals were eliminated by using multi-dimension filter property of EMD. The above two signal’s IMF can be clearly shown on a time-frequency vs. energy distribution spectrum and marginal spectrum by Hilbert-Huang transformation. The results show that HHT can efficiently reflecting the intrinsic properties of signals. Besides, HHT method, which is more adaptive than other methods, had a bigger superiority in adaptability and frequency concentration, and it has batter localization property and visual result of the time-frequency domain.

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