Plastic strain of structures having stress concentration is estimated by using the simplified method or the finite element elastic solutions. As the simplified methods used in codes and standards, we can cite Neuber’s formula and elastic follow-up procedure. Also we will cite stress redistribution locus (abbreviated as SRL) method recently proposed as the other simplified method. In the present paper, inelastic finite element analysis of perforated plate, whose stress concentration is about 2.2∼2.5, is carried out, and stress and strain locus in inelastic range by the detailed finite element solutions is investigated to compare accuracy of the simplified methods. As strain-controlled loading conditions, monotonic loading, cyclic loading and cyclic loading having hold time in tension are assumed. The inelastic strain affects significantly life evaluation of fatigue and creep-fatigue, and the stress and strain locus is discussed from the detailed inelastic finite element solutions.

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