On the food processing using the shock wave, we have developed the pressure vessel with the device generating the shock wave. By using the silicone rubber as a medium for the shock waves transported to the foods, the processing system that established the health and safety was constructed. The food processing was performed using the shock wave generated by the high power spark. In this research, in order to confirm the mechanism for the shock propagation on the food processing, the experiments and numerical calculations about the underwater explosion using an explosive were performed. In the experiment, the process of the propagation of shock wave and the bubble gas generated by the explosion was observed by the high-speed video camera. The numerical calculations for the shock propagation on the food processing were performed by using the general-purpose software LS-DYNA using the Finite Element Method. The experimental and numerical results were examined. According to the results, some points of the mechanism of the shock propagation and the bubble gas on the food processing were clarified.

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