The authors have studied the in-flow vibration phenomena of cylinder arrays caused by cross-flow in the low Reynolds number range around Re=800. This Reynolds number range has been studied because it is the range where symmetric vortex shedding occurs. This report is our first trial to study the in-line fluidelastic vibration of cylinder arrays. In initial tests, the flow velocity was increased up to the maximum achievable level by the test equipment. However, it was found that the array’s cantilever tube supports resulted in large static tube deflections due to static drag forces. The cylinder array tube supports have therefore been replaced by thin plates supported at both ends. The cylinders are set to be flexible both in the streamwise direction and the direction transverse to the flow. The obtained results of these two patterns are also compared with previous cantilevered data. The origin of the observed vibrations whether a self-induced mechanism or vortex shedding is discussed in detail.

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