The production of LDPE, in addition to the hyper-compressors, requires heavy-duty Booster and Primary compressors. Although operating at lower pressures, Booster-Primary units are complex machines, considering the need of wide operating range and capacity control, due to the different products often required by the plants. They are able to give an appreciable contribution to the operational results. Their cylinder valves, as critical parts need a careful design, that will be important for adequate operation, considering the aspects of Safety, Performance and Reliability. The aim of high efficiency is obtained by the use of methodologies, able to optimize the geometry and positively affecting the energy consumption. Similar advances are used for the strength of the components operating under fatigue stresses, like in the case of seats and rings or plates. The operating results both from energy consumption and mechanical behaviour are consequence of proper simulations. Mathematical models optimize performance and ensure reliable operation, to reach a correct mechanical behaviour with minimum energy consumption of the valves. Also the pulsation can be investigated in case the situation is considered critical for the plant. The selection of the valves, ring or plate type, can be significant as they have a different performance as a function of the lubricating oil quantity and viscosity.

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