This paper demonstrates a framework for analyzing multiple analyses of welds and welded structures as a single run. For each point in the design space a 3D transient thermal-stress analyses is solved for the weld and/or a welded structure. This enables the designer to explore the design state space for the design points specified in a Design of Experiments (DOE) matrix. This makes it simpler and quicker for a human to set up tens or hundreds of analyses. Also the CPU time to solve each analysis must be sufficiently short. Examples of DOE matrices created for Computational Weld Mechanics (CWM) optimization analyses are presented; i) a discontinuous combinatorial optimization of the weld sequence to minimize distortion in a girth weld, ii) a continuous optimization to mitigate distortion of an edge welded bar using side heaters, pre-bending with prescribed deflections at isolated points and pre-bending with a smooth prescribed displacement function.

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