Many end-users, specifiers, governmental agencies and testing facilities, are not fully aware of the wealth of standards available for GRP piping products and the continuing work being done in CEN &ISO and other standards developing organizations. As a result the introduction of Ad-Hoc test methods, standards and obsolete requirements is, unfortunately, not uncommon.

The paper will list and comment available GRP Standards that has been prepared as a reference guide to assist in the proper specification and use of GRP piping products. The primary focus is on EN and ISO standards. The work being done in CEN and ISO is closely linked, with ISO taking the lead in test method development and ISO test methods being referenced in EN standards. The work in CEN is conducted in CEN TC 155 WG14 and the work in ISO in ISO TC138 SC6. However, important standards are issued by other standards organizations and these will be also covered in the paper.

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