This paper describes the material strength standard of 316FR stainless steel in the design code for fast reactors of 2012 edition published by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. 316FR stainless steel is to be used for a reactor vessel and internals for the Japan Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor (JSFR). 316FR was developed in Japan by optimizing chemical composition within the specifications of SUS316 in the Japanese Industrial Standard which is equivalent to Type 316 stainless steel. The optimization was performed from the viewpoint of maximizing the creep resistance under fast breeder conditions. Application of 316FR stainless steel to JSFR needs the material strength standard. Therefore, the authors developed the material strength standard. The material strength standard involved allowable limits such as S0, Sm, Su, Sy, SR and St and so on, environment effects such as irradiation effects and sodium effects. In addition, material characteristic equations (Creep rupture equation, creep strain equation and equation of best fit curve for low-cycle fatigue life and so on) necessary for the allowable limits were involved. This paper describes the contents of the material strength standard.

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