The in-flow instability of cylinder arrays corresponds to the in-plane instability of U-bend tubes in steam generators. This rarely occurring phenomenon has recently been observed in a nuclear power plant in U.S.A. For this reason, the importance of studying this instability has recently increased.

The fluidelastic instability of a cylinder array caused by cross-flow was found to easily occur in air-flow and hardly in water-flow in our previous report. The present report introduces the results of this phenomenon in several patterns of triangular cylinder arrays in air-flow. The pitch spacing between cylinders is one of the parameters, which varies from P/D = 1.2 to 1.5, for a five-by-five cylinder array. The instability is examined both in the in-flow direction and in the transverse direction. The test cylinders are supported with thin plates to move in one direction. The number and the location of the flexibly supported cylinders are the other parameters.

Differences between the instability in the in-flow and in the transverse direction are found. Among these differences the most important is the fact that the fluidelastic instability has not been observed for a single flexible cylinder in the in-flow direction, although it is observed in the transverse direction.

However, the in-flow instability can be estimated with the Connors’ type formula as in the transverse direction.

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