For the production of LDPE the reaction pressures are reached by Hyper-compressors, while Booster and Primary help to attain the recycle circuit pressure. These are complex machines, because of the need of wide operating ranges, due to the different products and conditions often required by the process.

Developments on electro-mechanical actuators give further opportunities on capacity control, being able to reach extended efficient and safe running conditions.

The cylinder valves, as critical parts, need a careful design and technology selection that will be important for adequate operation, with targets of Performance, Reliability, but considering safety as a priority.

High valve efficiency is obtained by the use of methodologies able to optimize the geometry and fluid-dynamic aspects, positively affecting the life and energy consumption.

The operating results (energy consumption and mechanical behavior) are achieved by proper simulation using advanced mathematical models optimizing the performance and ensuring reliable operation.

Valve type selection, (ring, plate, poppet etc), can influence performance significantly depending on final pressure, oil characteristics, quantity etc. Metallic poppet valves represent for the Hypers the most reliable solution.

In order to have theoretical results closer and closer to real conditions, a combination of CFD and 3D dynamic shutter analysis including valve pocket features, increases the simulation accuracy.

In addition to that, the manufacturing valve part quality process is decisive for a long operating life, supported by adequate reconditioning procedure during the maintenance.

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