Recently, the integrity management of large size atmospheric storage tank in China is still in the preliminary stage. The purpose and the concept of integrity management, the core technical system and the management system are discussed. Main system framework of integrity management about large size atmospheric storage tank is developed, combining with the characters including super-large inner volume, corrosive nature of storage media, dangerous of leakage explosion, strict request for non-interruption operating, and related national codes about integrity management. Two elements of the system, an integrity management process of large size atmospheric storage tanks which combines quality control, management of change, performance test, communication consulting, and an integrity management technology system of large size atmospheric storage tank which is composed of data collecting, risk evaluation, integrity evaluation, responses measures, are proposed. At the same time, the procedure of integrity management is applied to an oil depot in a petrochemical company. The risk evaluation and the integrity evaluation were made on 34 storage tanks. To reduce the risk, some measures are put forward to the 9 storage tanks in medium high risk. As a result, all the large size atmospheric storage tanks are controlled at a medium low level.

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