The exact analytical approach for stress intensity factor calculation for an arbitrary shape mode I crack loaded by the polynomial stresses is proposed. The approach is based on the calculation of the crack faces displacement at given loading. The displacement field is presented as a shape function multiplied by an adjustment polynomial. At that the key problem is the solution of well-known inverse task: obtaining the stresses field at the crack faces on the base of a given displacements field. Multiply solution of such task for a whole set of certain displacements base functions (e.g., for the single terms of the adjustment polynomial) allows to get analytical expression which connects stresses and displacements fields.

The original semi-analytical technique for integration with subsequent differentiation of well-known singular integral equation of the flat crack problem is developed. The excellent accuracy of the method is confirmed for an elliptic crack as well as for a rectangular one in the infinite 3D body. New results are given for an inner semi-elliptic crack in the infinite body which surfaces are loaded by polynomial stresses up to the 6th order. The importance of choosing the appropriate shape function is demonstrated.

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