The degeneration of mechanical properties is one of the main concerns in assessment of fire damaged pressure vessels. This study investigates the influence of fire exposure on mechanical properties of Q345R steel which is widely used for pressure vessels in China. Heat treatment with different temperatures and holding times was conducted to simulate various heat exposure conditions in fire event. Hardness testing, metallographic analysis and tensile tests were carried out to investigate the effects of fire exposure temperature and duration. The experimental results indicate that the inflection temperature for mechanical property degeneration of Q345R steel is 700 °C. The decline of hardness, yield and tensile strengths due to spheroidization become more obvious with increasing heat exposure duration. A linear correlation is indicated by fitting the tensile strength and hardness. For the assessment of fire damaged component, the mechanical properties of Q345R steel at room temperature can be determined combining on-situ field metallographic examination and hardness testing with.

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