The objective of the paper is to examine mechanical characteristics of bolted flanged connection with newly developed PTFE blended gaskets under internal pressure such as the contact gasket stress distribution, the sealing performance, the load factor, reduction in axial bolt load due to creep and the flange hub stress. The relationship between the leak rate and the contact gasket stress for newly developed PTFE blended gasket were measured according to JIS B 2490 as well as the stress - displacement relationship of the gaskets. Then, the leak rate for bolted flanged connection with the PTFE blended gaskets (2inch nominal flange) was measured under internal pressure while changing the bolt preloads. In addition, the load factor and the hub stress were measured experimentally. The changes in each axial bolt force were measured using the strain gauges taking into account gasket creep. Using FEM, the gasket stress distribution, the load factor and the hub stress are analyzed taking into account the creep phenomenon of the PTFE blended gasket. The optimal maximum bolt preload is determined and the FEM results of the load factor and hub stress are in a fairly good agreement with the measured results. The predicted leak rate is fairly coincided with the measured results.

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