A good design of hyper compressors is heavily dependent by the good understanding of all critical aspects of the LDPE plant and on the implementation of appropriate technical solutions, during the design phase, to identify and resolve problems that may arise during the operation of the plant.

The various aspects have to be investigated keeping in mind to reach an optimum performance in agreement with the customer’s requirements.

The real effort is starting at the first design stages where all different departments are involved for dynamic loads acting on the foundation, the torsional analysis involving the motor supplier and the pulsation/vibration considerations interfacing the engineering company, the suppliers of high pressure equipment and the end users.

All the stress levels, the pulsation and vibrations have to be minimized. Such results are influenced by the layout of the plant and the arrangement of the cranks of the compressor’s crank-shaft.

This latter decision can improve the pulsation level, but affect the loads on the foundations.

Here is the optimization of some technical aspects to be faced with the approval of all actors involved.

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