Recently, National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College (ONCT) has been developing a new food processing method using underwater shock wave. The continuous-operation device was manufactured for the production of rice flour, the amount of milling flour per hour and the quality of the rice powder were evaluated. In the case of Yuzu (Citrus junos), an improved fragrance was obtained using this methods compared with other general processing method. The authors have also developed a batch-type crushing device (pressure vessel) for various food processing. However, the mechanism by which is processed using shock waves has not been clarified. Therefore, in this study, the propagation characteristics of a shock wave in the developed pressure vessel were evaluated by numerical simulation. The characteristics of processing is evaluated using shock wave and, the pressure resistance of the vessel was analyzed. In addition, food processing experiments using the developed device were performed. In which, in which “Yuzu” were crushed. Yuzu before-and-after crushing were compared, and the effect of shock wave were clarified.

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