AFCEN, publisher of the French Nuclear code RCC-M® [1] (Design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands) has launched an action for the revision of the Annex ZV and F7000 respectively concerning the design and installation of the Bolted Flange connections (BFC). This paper focuses on the gasket testing procedures defined in the proposed project for revision of F7000.

First, the general strategy of gasket testing protocols detailed in the F7000 revision project is introduced. Then the new specific gasket characterization procedures for the determination of the relevant mechanical and sealing parameters required in the calculation following the new proposed RCC-M® Annex ZV are detailed. A focus is done on the introduction of a systematic analysis procedure to determine the required force to reach the Metal-to-Metal Contact (MMC) between the compression flanges (for grooved gaskets) or between the compression flanges and the gasket limiter ring. The results of these specific test protocols on a selected set of gasket types are also presented. Finally the test protocols defined for gasket production acceptance are shortly introduced.

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