A Code Case in the framework of the Nuclear Codes and Standards of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) is currently under development to incorporate seismic design evaluation methodologies for piping systems by detailed inelastic response analysis and strain-based fatigue criteria as an alternative design rule to the current rule, in order to provide a more rational seismic design evaluation by taking directly the response reduction due to plasticity energy absorption into account. The Code Case provides two strain-based criteria; one is a limit to maximum amplitude of equivalent strain amplitude derived from detailed analysis and the other is a limit to the fatigue usage factor also based on the equivalent strain amplitude. The Code Case also provides an evaluation method by simplified inelastic analysis with an additional damping taking the response reduction due to plasticity into account. Some discussions are provided on the adequacy of additional damping in the simplified inelastic analysis and the safety margin and reliability of fatigue evaluation by the detailed inelastic response analysis provided in the Code Case.

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