The seismic isolation system consisting of laminated rubber bearings is applied to development of the Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor (SFR) in Japan. While rubber bearings as horizontal isolation system have been expected to be ensured seismic safety margin of components installed in reactor building against horizontal seismic load, vertical isolation systems have been also studied in order to tolerate to the seismic load which has been increased steadily.

In this paper, the three dimensional seismic isolation system by combining coned disc springs with rubber bearings is proposed as a concept which consists of isolation devices with abundant track record. Analytical study for this system results that the rocking motion can be suppressed by itself without any suppression system and that the mitigation of vertical response can be enough for buckling design of the reactor vessel simultaneously. In particular, it is important that the vertical natural frequency of system is within the range of 3Hz to 5Hz. Besides, layout, size and stacks of coned discs in the unit of system are studied in order to obtain suitable for specification to SFR buildings.

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