The sealing performance prediction of bolted pipe flange connections with gaskets is important factor. However, it is known that the sealing performance of the larger nominal diameter connection is worse than that with smaller nominal diameter connection due to the flange rotation. Furthermore, recently PTFE blended gaskets were developed newly and the excellent sealing performance in the bolted pipe flange connection with smaller nominal diameter is found. So, it is necessary to examine the sealing performance and the mechanical characteristics of pipe flange connections with larger nominal diameter under internal pressure. The objectives of present study are to examine the mechanical characteristics of the pipe flange connection with PTFE blended gasket under internal pressure such as the load factor, the contact gasket stress distribution and the sealing performance using FEM and experiments. Using the obtained contact gasket stress distribution and the fundamental leak rate for smaller PTFE gasket, the leak rate of the connection is predicted under internal pressure. In the FEM calculation, the effects of the nominal diameter of pip flange connections on the mechanical characteristics are shown. In the experiments, ASME class 300 24” pipe flange connections is used and the gasket is chosen as No.GF300 in PTFE blended gaskets. The FEM results of the axial bolt forces are in a fairly good agreement with the experimental results. In addition, the leak rate obtained from the FEM calculations are fairly coincided with the measured results. The mechanical characteristics of pipe flange connection with PTFE blended gasket are compared with those with spiral wound gasket.

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