Bolted flange joints are widely used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear and power industries, etc. With more and more devices are used at high temperature, the performance of flange connections becomes more complex, especially with creep of different components in flange connection. At elevated temperature, with the loss of bolt force and gasket force due to creep, the joints are prone to leak. Based on this, this paper analyzed the relaxation of bolt force at elevated temperature due to creep of bolt, flange and gasket separately and simultaneously. Besides, the influence of different initial installation stress of bolts was also studied. The results showed bolted flange joints relaxed due to gasket creep during early short term service. However, contribution of bolt and flange creep became more and more significant with the extension of time. With considering the creep of bolt, flange and gasket simultaneously, 50% to 60% of the bolt material yield strength at room temperature was recommended as the bolt initial installation stress for the joint case studied in this paper.

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