In cyclic loading and when plastic flow occurs, discontinuities grow. In this research, interaction diagram of Bree has been developed when the spherical pressure vessel contains discontinuities such as voids and microcracks. Bree’s diagram is used for ratcheting assessment of pressurized equipment in ASME III NH. Nature of these defects leads to an anisotropic damage. Anisotropic Continuum Damage Mechanics (CDM) is considered to account effects of these discontinuities on the behavior of the structure. Shakedown – ratcheting response of a hollow sphere under constant internal pressure and cyclic thermal loadings are studied by using anisotropic CDM theory coupled with nonlinear kinematic hardening of Armstrong-Frederick m’s model (A-F). Return mapping method is used to solve numerically the developed relations. Elastic, elastic shakedown, plastic shakedown and ratcheting regions are illustrated in the modified Bree’s diagram. Influence of anisotropic damage due to the plastic deformation is studied and it was shown that the plastic shakedown region is diminished because of the developed damage.

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