With the increasing demand of environmental protection, the development of highest efficiency fossil power plants to reduce the CO2 emissions has become a top priority. So the live steam parameters of AUSC unit will be increased to 700°C and 350bar. To achieve the desired operating hours at this temperature the application of nickel base materials is necessary for the main components such as rotors, inner casings and valves. Alloy 617 is selected for forged component.

The creep behavior of Alloy 617 is quite different from Cr steel’s, the design experience of USC units can’t be completely adopted in the AUSC unit. The work presented in this paper, aims to predict the creep strain of Alloy 617 in AUSC turbine components. Several material models for creep in Alloy are compared. Base on the notched specimens’ experimental results, the models of the tertiary creep stage and the multiaxial behavior of turbine component are discussed.

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