The present paper proposed the modified limit load solution related to code case N-513-4 which is currently actively researched. To apply to assessment method for an elbow in code case N-513-4, the crack should be postulated as the idealized circumferential through-wall crack (TWC). For this reason, it could be led to overestimate the results due to the assumption of real crack shape. Then, the many research which is related to an accurate solution for a straight pipe by considering realistic crack has been investigated. However, the accurate solution for the elbow with non-idealized TWC is still lacked. Therefore, based on three-dimensional finite element model, the effect of non-idealized circumferential TWC on plastic limit load was investigated under internal pressure. To do this, the finite element (FE) model and analysis procedure employed in the present numerical study were validated by comparing the present finite element analyses result with existing solutions for idealized TWC in the elbow. Then, the correction factor for calculating plastic limit load was newly proposed as a tabulated form by considering practical ranges of geometry.

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