In recent years, the number of imported Chinese pressure pipeline valves has been increasing, and the Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) issued Circular No. 151 in 2012 to clarify that the imported pressure piping valves need to have type test by the bodies approved by the type testing administration verified by AQSIQ. This paper makes a comparative study on the differences of the valve test and the test standard commonly used in China and in the foreign countries, as well as on the relevant requirements of the valve manufacturing standards involved in the imported valve type test. Through the comparison on above test standards and type test requirements, the foreign manufacturers will understand the standard differences, inspection requirements and precautions when importing China’s pressure pipeline valve. Combined with imported valve inspection and type test case analysis to help foreign enterprises fully understand our laws and regulations to ensure that when they import Chinese valve, they can meet our requirements to ensure the use security.

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