Pipe flange connection with metal gasket is used under high temperature and pressure in place required high sealing performance. It has been known that gasket compressive force, which is closely related the leakage decreases by internal pressure action. Since the pressure is very high in metal gaskets, the sealing performance evaluation in internal pressure action is important. However, there is little research that evaluates a little leakage, metal gasket is empirically used up to the present time. Therefore, evaluated sealing performance of metal gasket, it is necessary to clarify the sealing mechanism. In this study, evaluated effect that decreasing of gasket compressive force affects leakage in both octagonal type and oval type in ring joint gasket by simplified leak test using grooved platen and finite element method stress analysis, evaluation method of leakage in metal gasket is proposed. Based on this evaluation method, decision method of initial tightening force that guaranteed one amount of leakage to design internal pressure is shown in pipe flange connection with metal gasket.

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