Shock wave attenuation in a straight tunnel (or pipe) can be evaluated using existing methodologies. Shock attenuation is enhanced when there are right-angle turns along the length of the tunnel over which the shock is transmitted. A repeated set of such turns is generally defined as a blast trap. Little guidance is available in the open literature regarding the blast attenuation enhancement due to a right-angle turn or a blast trap in a tunnel. This paper presents guidance for shock wave attenuation as a function of the number of right-angle turns and blast wave parameters (i.e., peak pressure and duration). Characteristic parameters are utilized in order to define shock wave properties and tunnel dimensions. The shock attenuation due to up to four consecutive right-angle turns is evaluated. The purpose of this work is to provide a database of the shock attenuation within a tunnel due to multiple right-angle turns for use in designing tunnel structural components and evaluating the response of such components to postulated transmitted shock loads.

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