Atmospheric tank truck is a dangerous chemical road transport tool widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industries. The quality and safety of tank truck are closely related to people’s life and property safety. Through investigation and study, the biggest problem of atmospheric tank truck safety system is that the level of regular inspection, safety accessories selection and inspection, inspection organization qualification, safety assessment and other aspects are inadequate, and there is no specific basis for actual operation. Chinese Relevant regulations and standards are summarized and compared, and the gap between the existing basis for inspection and evaluation and the actual operation needs are put forward, aiming at above key issues. The existing problems and their causes in the field of road transportation of dangerous chemical atmospheric tank trucks are studied, including the ex-factory inspection, in-service inspection methods, inspection items, inspection basis, selection of safety accessories, inspection of safety accessories and qualification of inspection institutions. Suggestions are made, such as the further improvement of the system of regulations and standards, the supplement and perfection of relevant standards, the enhancement of employees’ safety awareness, the standardization of inspection work behavior, and so on.

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