Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) has been used for many critical applications due to its flexibility, reliability and high weld quality. In this paper, two code compliance plasma arc welding applications in the nuclear industry are discussed.

The first application is an innovative welding process using PAW with specially designed dual hot wire feeding system, namely Dual Hot Wire Gas Metal Plasma Arc Welding (GMPAW). The GMPAW process offers unique advantages for high deposition and low dilution weld overlay application. The second application is a remote weld overlay repair from pipe inside diameter (ID) for a highly radiated nuclear component using PAW process with remote machining and NDE capability.

In this paper, the benefits and advantages are provided for the aforementioned PAW applications. The versatility of plasma arc welding system configuration, as well as high quality and productivity can make plasma arc welding a good candidate for many critical code compliance applications.

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