The dynamic pressure effect can contribute to a better working performance of the gas bearing without changing its overall structure or increase its air supply pressure. To study the dynamic pressure effect of gas bearings, a new method of CFD numerical simulation with self-developed UDF dynamic mesh program was proposed. In this way, values of dynamic characteristics for gas bearings with different fluid fields and under different working conditions can be calculated. Based on the numerical simulation results, the influence law of rotational speed, gas film thickness, and radial eccentricity ratio on the dynamic characteristics (load-carrying capacity, stiffness and damping coefficients, static equilibrium position etc.) were obtained. Afterwards, a bearing’s performance test was conducted on a rotor-bearing system in the high-speed air compressor. Compared to the traditional methods, after the dynamic pressure effect was taken into account, the corresponding rotor dynamic calculation of critical speed is more in accordance with the experimental results, thus proved the credibility of the new CFD numerical simulation method with dynamic mesh.

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