Industrial production is accompanied by a large number of physical and chemical reactions. Steam, whose heat was often used to carry out various production activities, is a common medium in industrial production. Steam pipeline has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure. The pipeline has been in service at high temperature for a long time, which is prone to metal material degradation such as graphitization and spheroidization. Cause of the expansion of steam pipeline after heating, the natural compensation structure is generally adopted in the whole plant pipe gallery. In recent years, the accidents of steam pipeline occurred frequently, so we must pay more attention to the safety of steam pipeline. Periodic Inspection Regulation for Industrial Pressure Piping (TSG D7005-2018) explicitly requires stress analysis and checking in some cases to determine the safety of the pipeline. The traditional inspection method adopts a random sampling model which has the risk of over inspection and missing inspection. Taking a whole plant steam pipeline as an example, this paper introduced the stress check criterion of pipeline in ASMEB31.3.The model of the pipeline was established by the software, and the stress state and displacement of each node of the pipeline were calculated. According to the calculation results, a targeted inspection scheme was established and effective data support was provided for the regular inspection of steam pipeline.

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