The tribological behavior of a polymer-matrix composite containing discontinuous nanocrystalline alloy reinforcements is studied using a model system composed of a bakelite matrix reinforced with unitary Al6061 nanostructures. Chip formation by machining is used to produce the unitary nanostructures with grain size in the range of 50–200 nm. The hardness and strength of the unitary nanostructures are seen to be substantially greater than those of micro-crystalline Al 6061. Polymer-matrix composites containing these nanocrystalline metal reinforcements in a bakelite matrix are prepared using standard polymer processing routes. The friction and wear characteristics of the composites are studied using block-on-cylinder and pin-on-disk configurations. The wear performance of the nanocrystalline, metal-reinforced polymer is compared with that of the unfilled polymer and also with that of the polymer reinforced with microcrystalline alloy reinforcements, and shown to be superior.

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