Thermal Stresses, by Naotake Noda, Richard B. Hetnarski, and Yoshinobu Tanigawa. Lastran Corporation, Rochester, NY, 2000. 455 pages. Price $70.00.

There are several excellent books on the subject of thermal stresses, including the classical texts by Boley and Weiner, Nowacki, and Nowinski, but none of them is entirely satisfactory for classroom use because they make few concessions to the reader and in particular do not include worked examples and end of chapter problems. Thermal Stresses by Noda, Hetnarski, and Tanigawa aims to fill this gap. It starts from the most elementary concepts of one-dimensional thermal expansion and stress, which most students will have encountered in a first course in Mechanics of Materials. Problems and methods of gradually increasing complexity are then introduced, each being illustrated by several text examples and supported by suitable student assignments.

The first two chapters cover linear thermoelasticity of one-dimensional bars and Euler beams, respectively,...

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