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International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering, 4th (ICACTE 2011)

Yi Xie
Yi Xie
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ASME Press
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ISO18185 is the international standard of active e-Seals, which provides a system for the identification and presentation of information about freight container e-seals. The identification system provides an unambiguous and unique identification of the container seal, its status and related information. However, on the contrary, the standards of passive e-Seals are still undetermined. Due to the advantages of low-cost and low-complexity, the passive e-Seals are suitable for the one-time-use-only applications and anticipate being a replacement of active e- Seals in the near future. In this paper, a brand new, formal specification of passive e-Seals based on the EPC Radio-Frequency Identification...

1. Introduction
2. The Basis of E-Seals
3 The Electrical Specification of E-Selas
4. The Mechanical Testing of E-Seals
5. Local Regulation
6. Conclusions
7. Acknowledgement
8. References
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