The turbulence properties in the annulus wall region of an axial flow compressor rotor was measured using a triaxial, hot-wire probe rotating with the rotor. The flow was surveyed across the entire passage at five axial locations (leading edge, 1/4 chord, 1/2 chord, 3/4 chord, and the trailing edge location) and at six radial locations in a low-speed compressor rotor. The data derived include all three components of turbulence intensity and three components of turbulence stress. A comprehensive interpretation of the data with emphasis on features related to rotation, leakage flow, annulus wall boundary layer, and blade boundary layer interactions is included. All the components of turbulent intensities and stresses are found to be high in the leakage-flow mixing region. The radial component of intensities and stresses is found to be much higher than the corresponding streamwise components. The turbulent spectra clearly reveal the decay process of the inlet-guide-vane wake within the rotor passage.

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