This paper investigates a “basic” Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine (a “basic” CRGT is defined here to be one without intercooling or reheat). The CRGT is of interest due to its potential for ultralow NOx emissions. A computer code has been developed to evaluate the performance characteristics (thermal efficiency and specific work) of the Basic CRGT, and to compare it to the steam-injected gas turbine (STIG), the combined cycle (CC) and the simple cycle gas turbine (SC) using consistent assumptions. The CRGT model includes a methane-steam reformer (MSR), which converts a methane-steam mixture into a hydrogen-rich fuel using the “waste” heat in the turbine exhaust. Models for the effects of turbine cooling air, variable specific heats, and the real gas effects of steam are included. The calculated results show that the Basic CRGT has a thermal efficiency higher than the STIG and simple cycles but not quite as high as the combined cycle.

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