An experiment was conducted to measure the heat transfer from a heated cylinder, three diameters in length, in crossflow in an array of identical circular cylinders. Both in-line and staggered array patterns were studied. The cylinders were spaced on a 2.67 × 2.67 pitch. The Reynolds number range, based on cylinder diameter and average unobstructed channel velocity, was from 5000 to 125,000. Turbulence intensity profiles were measured for each case at a point one-half space upstream of the row containing the heated cylinder. The basis of comparison for all the heat transfer data was the single row with the heated cylinder. For the in-line cases, the addition of a single row of cylinders upstream of the row containing the heated cylinder increased the heat transfer by an average of 50 percent above the base case. Adding up to five more rows caused no increase or decrease in heat transfer. On the other hand, adding rows in the staggered array cases resulted in average increases in heat transfer of 21, 64, 58, 46, and 46 percent for one to five upstream rows, respectively.

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