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Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
Publisher: ASME
J. Heat Mass Transfer. November 2023, 145(11): 113801.
Paper No: HT-23-1014
Published Online: September 4, 2023
...). There is also slightly better performance from inline jet array configurations compared to staggered configurations. 09 01 2023 18 07 2023 04 09 2023 jet impingement cooling liquid crystal transient heat transfer pressure drop combustion Optimized cooling is a necessity...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Mass Transfer. April 2023, 145(4): 041802.
Paper No: HT-22-1400
Published Online: January 23, 2023
... of experiments on total heat transfer and short-circuit heat transfer, the Nusselt number can be calculated. The pressure drop across a bayonet tube determined the friction factor. In examining a range of Reynolds numbers, Effectiveness and figure of merit have been resolved. It has been observed...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. August 2021, 143(8): 082501.
Paper No: HT-21-1132
Published Online: June 28, 2021
... of pumping power. The friction factor is calculated using the experimental pressure drop in Eq. (11) . The pressure drop ranges from 3000 to 6000 Pa over the range of experiments conducted. This range of pressure drop is similar to what is reported by Selvam et al. [ 11 , 12 ]. The normalized friction...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. April 2021, 143(4): 042501.
Paper No: HT-19-1251
Published Online: February 23, 2021
... in the condition range (10 – 30 °C). Under the test range, the accelerating pressure drop is insignificant compared to friction. Comparing to the results, Mishima, K., and Hibiki, T. (1996, “Some Characteristics of Air-Water Two-Phase Flow in Small Diameter Vertical Tubes,” Int. J. Multiph. Flow, 22(4), pp. 703...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. December 2020, 142(12): 121601.
Paper No: HT-19-1673
Published Online: September 18, 2020
... have been measured under the uniform and nonuniform heat flux conditions. In addition, the pressure drops inside the heat sink are also obtained. A minichannel heat sink (MCHS) with the same channel dimensions and inlet/outlet configuration is tested too. A comparison between MCHS and PSFHS...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. July 2020, 142(7): 071603.
Paper No: HT-19-1597
Published Online: May 29, 2020
... that of the smooth tube. Heat transfer enhancement of the 1EHTa and 1EHTb tube was mainly due to the complex roughness surface structures that created swirling and increased the interface turbulence. The condensation heat transfer coefficient increased slightly with increasing mass flux. The pressure drop penalty...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. February 2016, 138(2): 022901.
Paper No: HT-15-1020
Published Online: September 2, 2015
...Zan Wu; Bengt Sundén Experimental single-phase, condensation, and evaporation (flow boiling) pressure drop data from the literature and our previous studies were collected to evaluate previous frictional pressure drop correlations for horizontal microfin tubes of different geometries. The modified...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. July 2015, 137(7): 071703.
Paper No: HT-13-1587
Published Online: July 1, 2015
... loading at a fixed Reynolds number. When compared on the basis of a fixed volumetric coolant flowrate, pressure drop, and pumping power, however, no significant enhancements were observed using dilute (2%, 4%, and 6% volume fraction) alumina–water nanofluids (having an average diameter of 50 nm). In some...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. January 2015, 137(1): 012601.
Paper No: HT-13-1619
Published Online: October 28, 2014
... eddies differently. After an extensive investigation it has been shown that small differences in fiber properties affect the frictional pressure drop of the suspension. Fibers mechanically refined at different degrees act differently on turbulent eddies which depend on the physical properties...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. June 2014, 136(6): 061704.
Paper No: HT-13-1298
Published Online: March 13, 2014
... close to the melting point of the material (20–30 °C). Pressure drop measurements under turbulent flow conditions were recorded for 6 MPCM samples at various concentrations. The pressure drop of the MPCM slurry was comparable to that of water despite the higher viscosity of the slurry. The effect...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Technical Briefs
J. Heat Transfer. September 2013, 135(9): 091602.
Paper No: HT-12-1312
Published Online: July 26, 2013
... be readily found from the laminar annular flow solutions. Significant differences are found between these and values from approximate equations. condensation microchannel surface tension pressure drop refrigerant heat exchanger Two-phase flow in channels, with or without phase change...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. August 2013, 135(8): 081502.
Paper No: HT-11-1080
Published Online: July 11, 2013
... as the test fluid were performed under high pressure conditions at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) by using a circular tube. Void fraction, pressure drop, and heat transfer coefficient data were obtained under 15, 17, and 18 MPa. This paper discusses the steam-water pressure drop and void fraction...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research-Article
J. Heat Transfer. March 2013, 135(3): 031503.
Paper No: HT-12-1273
Published Online: February 11, 2013
... and the meniscus region. heat pipe groove heat transfer pressure drop mathematical model A heat pipe is a highly effective and efficient two-phase heat transfer device which utilizes the evaporation and condensation of a working fluid to transfer heat. Capillary forces developed in the capillary...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Evaporation, Boiling, and Condensation
J. Heat Transfer. August 2012, 134(8): 081501.
Published Online: June 5, 2012
... significant pressure drop at the same operating condition as the microtube without orifice. The 20% area ratio orifice shows better performance at low mass fluxes (<1000 kg/m 2 · s). Whereas, at high mass fluxes (>2000 kg/m 2 · s), 50% and 35% area ratio orifices are efficient in stabilizing the flow...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Heat Exchangers
J. Heat Transfer. July 2012, 134(7): 071801.
Published Online: May 24, 2012
...Xinyu Wei; Chunhui Dai; Yun Tai; Fuyu Zhao This paper presents a double-tube once-through steam generator (DOTSG) consisting of the outer straight tube and the inner helical tube. The tube length and pressure drop of are important parameters in optimal design of DOTSG. For optimal design...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Research Papers
J. Heat Transfer. October 2011, 133(10): 101802.
Published Online: August 11, 2011
...Hie Chan Kang; Gil Woong Jun The present work was conducted to investigate the air-side pressure drop and heat transfer performance of the louver fin-tube heat exchanger for automobile applications. Fourteen kinds of louver fin geometries with different louver pitches and angles were tested...
Journal Articles
Article Type: Thermal Issues In Emerging Technologies
J. Heat Transfer. June 2011, 133(6): 060904.
Published Online: March 4, 2011
... behavior of these new enhanced surfaces, which present high heat transfer area per unit of volume at the expense of high pressure drop. The paper presents the experimental heat transfer and pressure drop measurements relative to air flowing in forced convection through four different aluminum foams, when...